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Archives Committee

“The collective experience of the past reminds us of how little hope there once was for the suffering alcoholic – of how far we’ve come, thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous. And as we painstakingly sort out fact from fiction, we ensure that our original message of recovery, unity, and service will continue undiluted and true.” (Reprinted with permission from A.A. World Services, Inc.)

What Is the Archives? The Archives contains personal collections, publications, photographs, and memorabilia related to the origin and development of Alcoholics Anonymous in the Rochester area. Also included are Intergroup, Board of Trustees, and standing committee minutes, meeting lists, and information about local AA groups.

Meeting Place and Time. The Archives Committee meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Rochester Medical Museum and Archives located at 1441 East Avenue, 2nd Floor Rochester, New York 14610. Come join us and learn about Rochester AA history!

How can you Help?

* Join the Committee. A.A. members who volunteer on the Archives committee can help organize and preserve materials of historical significance to the development of the A.A. fellowship in the Rochester Area. They can also help interview old-timers for our oral history project, assist with the archives website, or bring the archives display to fellowship events.

* Add to the Collection.

Books. The Archives Committee is seeking a Third Edition, First Printing Big Book.

Group materials. Also needed are group conscience minutes, member lists, gavels, and other group-related memorabilia.

Grapevines. The Intergroup archives contain a library of Grapevine editions dating back to June 1947. We are, however, missing some editions. This attachment: ___________ lists those editions. If you have one or more of the missing Grapevines and would care to donate it to the archives, please contact us (see below for contact information) or drop it off at the Intergroup office, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Greenhouse, Rochester NY 14620. Your help is greatly appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE! If you are donating material to the Archives, please complete a Temporary Custody Transfer form______ and bring it with your material to the Intergroup Office.

* Provide group histories. The groups are the lifeblood of AA. We still need Group Histories from many groups. Please complete a Group Information Form ____________ return completed forms to the Intergroup Office.

How can you reach the Archives Committee?

* If you would like to have the Traveling Archives come to your group, please complete a Traveling Exhibit Request form ________________ and mail it to the Intergroup Office at 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Greenhouse, Rochester NY 14620. Please make your request at least 4 weeks in advance of your event.

* If you would like to tour the Archives or do research, please complete a Research Request form__________ or contact the Archivist at Archivist@rochester-ny-aa.org.

* For general questions about the Archives Committee, please contact the Archives Chair at archives_committee@rochester-ny-aa.org, or call the Intergroup Office at 585.232.6720.

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